Specialising in the recycling and recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, general waste and ELV (End-of-life Vehicles), TotalWM are passionate about ensuring that each of the waste streams that we handle on behalf of our clients is managed in accordance with the upper and more sustainable end of the waste hierarchy. Disposal to landfill is never an option.

As well as specialising in the collection, sale and recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, we also offer a complete recycling solution for the wider range of by-products generated by our clients. This includes the collection and management of general/residual material; dry, mixed recyclates; wood; WEEE and a wide variety of hazardous streams, such as oils, lubricants and chemical acids and bases.

A unique solution designed around the needs of each client

We offer a bespoke and individually tailored service to each one of our clients, designed to fit their material and specific requirements, providing a fully maximised financial return through the continued development of unique, highly efficient and innovative solutions for commercial-scale recycling.

We provide real-time reporting on material tonnages, revenue returns and carbon-impact (CO2 eq) emissions data, which can feed into our clients’ own corporate ESG reporting and their respective Scope 3 emissions.

Our environmental ambition and aims

Even as a leading recycling and recovery company, we are aware of the impact of our operations on the environment, and we are therefore committed to reducing our environmental footprint in all corners of the business operation.

We are a certified ISO 14001 organisation and in 2022 we had our carbon impact assessed. This report (PDF) now acts as our carbon baseline model and our overarching corporate driver to understand how our operations impact the natural world. It drives all our actions across the entire business model, as we strive to reduce our carbon emissions and work towards our goal of net zero carbon by 2035.

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