The construction and engineering sector has historically been a substantial generator of ferrous and non-ferrous waste streams, with the status quo set to continue for some time into the future.

TotalWM have a large portfolio of experience and clients operating in this domain, which has led to the provision of a highly qualified service, specialising in the demands of this sector.

The service includes reliable transportation and logistics, ensuring a quick turnaround with limited loss of project downtime; the provision of heavy-lifting and processing equipment, if required; and competitive returns based upon global market trading.

To ensure the service offered aligns with client requirements, TotalWM offer prompt and comprehensive site visits to fully understand the requirement and any nuances that the project may expose.

Furthermore, TotalWM can assist with the drafting of any construction or demolition site-management plans, with respect to the reuse/repurposing of any identified waste and the recycling and recovery of other waste streams, to improve and enhance the operational outcome of the project.

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