As well as specialising in the collection, sale and recycling of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals, TotalWM also offer a complete recycling solution for the wider range of by-products generated by our clients.

This includes the collection and management of general/residual material; dry, mixed recyclates; wood; WEEE; and a wide variety of hazardous streams, such as oils, lubricants and chemical acids and bases.

We can accept paper, cardboard, wood and plastic at our flagship Essex-based recycling facility.


We are passionate about ensuring that all of the material we handle on behalf of our clients is managed using the best available recycling techniques. Disposal to landfill is never an option.

We pride ourselves in adhering to strict recycling and resource regulations and protocols to ensure that we manage your by-products in their totality, giving our clients the complete peace of mind that their surplus is taken care of and managed in the most efficient and sustainable manner.

A bespoke solution to suit your business needs

Our ferrous metal recycling service includes a bespoke and individually tailored solution, based solely on a customer’s material and individual requirements.

We offer a vast array of differing sizes of containers, receptacles and vehicular fleet for each client’s needs, which, in turn, takes into account tonnage arisings, availability of storage space and accessibility.

This allows us to provide a service provision for a full array of organisations and businesses, regardless of their size or structure, ranging from large-scale corporate clients; individual decommissioning and demolition projects; and smaller, more localised businesses. Whatever the size of your business, we have the solution.

Real-time reporting – keeping your sustainability on track

We provide real-time reporting on material tonnages, revenue returns and carbon (CO2 eq) impact emissions data, which can feed into our clients’ own corporate ESG reporting and their respective Scope 3 emissions.

Innovative recycling solutions

We continue to invest in improved, state-of-the-art technology for our balers, shears and heavy-lifting capabilities, which guarantees we can handle any grade of material, as well as ensuring that our sorting, segregating and processing operations are as efficient and effective as possible. This leads to increased revenue returns, but also helps to reduce the CO2 emissions arising from our activities.

Getting to net zero

We recognise we have an integral part to play in helping the UK achieve its net zero goals by 2050 and are committed to working towards our own ESG and carbon-reduction agenda. In 2022 we released our carbon baseline report, which acts as the driver to our carbon-reduction action plan going forwards.