In a similar vein to the ability of FM companies to offer a complete service to their clients, the same can be said of the service offered by TotalWM – a comprehensive and fully bespoke service that meets the full requirements of our customers.

Our ‘total’ service means that we can offer facilities management companies our full waste-management solution, including the collection of hazardous waste, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), as well as any dry, mixed recyclables produced at a location.

Alongside the provision of these resource and recovery services, TotalWM have a vast selection of receptables and containers to deposit the material, from 1100L Euro bins for the provision of WEEE waste, to compaction devices for plastic, cardboard or residual waste.

All the services offered to our FM companies are totally bespoke, with the service designed to fit the needs of the customer, their strategic aims and objectives.

TotalWM also understands the FM sector’s goal to drive the sustainability and net zero agenda and to demonstrate continuous improvement in this arena. TotalWM are fully engaged with this programme and therefore perfectly placed to assist with helping clients work towards achieving this important objective.

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