As active members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC), TotalWM are involved in a wealth of decommissioning and demolition projects operating throughout the UK.

We work in partnership with the UK’s leading demolition and deconstruction companies, supporting those organisations with the recovery and recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals generated from demolition projects.

TotalWM specialise in the procurement of ‘oversize burning’ materials from these projects, having the specialist processing equipment on our sites to manage this material effectively. This ensures that the material generates a significant financial return, which benefits both TotalWM and our demolition clients. To assist with any demolition projects, TotalWM also routinely offer and provide back-to-back lorries and/or daily exchanges, if required.

Given that TotalWM have been involved in a wealth of decommissioning and demolition projects since inception, we have a wide array of experience in undertaking these types of projects. We have a highly specialised team who ensure that the project is carried out efficiently and to the highest safety and environmental standards, including:

  • Reliable transportation and logistics, ensuring an efficient turnaround on all collections
  • Provision of large containers or bulkers, giving you the right storage solutions for your projects
  • Advanced heavy-lifting and processing equipment, with no job too big
  • Competitive pricing and immediate financial return on terms suited to the client
  • Full project and management reporting, in accordance with project KPIs
  • Safety and environmental management are paramount to the project undertaking