100% Carbon Neutral
and on track to Net Zero

TotalWM are proud to be 100% Carbon Neutral. We are also on track to fulfil our ambitious goal to be net zero across all of our UK operations by 2035

Our latest carbon management projects

Our carbon
reduction plan

Our Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) is a high level summary document that details our current carbon footprint and our commitment to reducing our carbon impact on the wider environment with the overarching aim of reaching net zero in advance of the UK’s 2050 goal.

This CRP lists an overview of the actions required to achieve our aim and details the targets and project milestones that will enable to us to retain the momentum to reach our net zero goal by 2035.

Commitment to Social Value

The success of TotalWM is not ‘what we do’ but ‘who we are’ and the difference that we are trying to make to the communities in the areas of the UK within which we operate. Our aim is to make a positive impact on not only our environment and the local community but also to all of our employees, customers and suppliers that have access to our goods or services, so that they understand the valuable contribution that they make to us as an organisation.

Our latest social value projects

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